We deliver to the following areas in KZN: Midlands, Kloof, Westville, Durban, Ballito, Salt Rock, Umhlali, Bluff. Orders over R850 are free.

Our Story

Set in the foothills of the southern Drakensberg, Dargle Valley is a family-run butchery and farm. For over four generations, the Griffin family has lived and worked in the Midlands and today it is William and Michael, a father and son team, who work together on the farm.

Caz (William’s wife and Michael’s mother) started a butchery on the farm more than twenty years ago, which quickly gained a reputation for producing some of the best pork in the province. What sets their products apart is that all their farming is done ethically, ensuring traceable meat, free from added hormones.

The Griffins have always been known for creating high-end products and it is no surprise that the business has grown from strength to strength - becoming a household name among families who want to know where their meat comes from.

Dargle Valley Meats is committed to providing their customers with real meat, made without harmful fillers or flavour enhancers. Just 100% meat.


Sustainable Farming

Founded in 1988, Dargle Valley has always been known for producing top-quality meats - sustainably. We are passionate about producing wholesome food while respecting our animals and natural surroundings. Our principles have not changed since we opened our doors and you can rest assured that we will continue to produce food that is traditional, trusted and traceable.

Our farm, The Chestnuts, has always focussed on farming responsibly. We believe in raising our animals with care and consideration and in a way that respects the environment. We have always tried to minimise our use of harmful pesticides, artificial fertilisers and chemicals - focussing instead on regenerating topsoil, increasing biodiversity and building a resilience to climate fluctuations. 

Top-Quality Products

Since 1998, we have been producing quality meat and, over the years, have been honoured by some of South Africa's top publications such as Food and Home, Jan the Journal and most recently, The Daily Maverick's TGIF food newsletter

In 2008, we won two Eat In Awards. The awards were initiated by Eat In magazine and RMB Private Bank, in recognition of innovation, integrity, care for the environment and passion.

In 2020, three of our products were recognised in the Aurora International Taste Challenge. Our Honey Baked Ham was awarded a double gold, our Classic Salami achieved gold and our traditional pork sausage received silver. Each product was assessed on many qualities, including appearance, aroma, flavour complexity, texture, authenticity and workmanship. Look out for the Aurora stickers on our products!


At Dargle Valley, true sustainability means building sustainable communities. We believe farming needs to have an economic benefit to the community. Did you know that, for every R100 you spend supporting a local business, R68 will stay in the community, while only R43 of each R100 you spend at a chain store will stay here?

The Chestnuts Farm, together with Dargle Valley, employs 38 members of staff. By choosing to shop local, you can rest assured that significantly more of your money stays in the community


The Butchery

All of our products are handmade on the farm using the finest quality meat, blended with custom spices. We avoid the use of gluten and MSG and no rusks, starches or soya is added to any of our products.

At Dargle Valley we don't believe in shortcuts. That is why we still do things the old-fashioned way. Our hams are hand-pressed and our bacon is dry-cured. We believe that you can taste the difference and it helps us to guarantee a healthier product for you and your family. We don't believe in artificial products like liquid smoke and GMOs - just handcrafted, traditional meat prepared the way it should be.

How We Farm Pork

'Sow friendly' refers to farming that is committed to reducing the amount of time sows spend in gestation stalls. Dargle Valley's 'sow friendly' promise ensures that pregnant sows are grouped together and have freedom to move around and socialise before they are moved to individual farrowing crates before giving birth. This happens for a shorter period of time than in traditional South African pig farms. Our pens are designed to allow for escape areas and places to hide. We provide our sows with material such as wood chips so that they can root and forage, which is their natural behaviour.

Our pigs eat a diet that is strictly maize-based. They are never given any growth stimulants or hormones and only the best genetics available in South Africa are used in our pig herd.  We work closely with a specialised pig veterinarian to ensure the health of the herd is maintained.

How We Source Our Beef

Dargle Valley supports beef production that’s environmentally sound, protects animal health and welfare, and supports farmer and community livelihoods. 

We source all our meat from accredited RMAA (Red Meat Abattoir Association) suppliers and abattoirs in KZN. This means that we can be sure that the beef complies with certain standards, both in the treatment of animals and in the way the meat is handled and delivered to us.

As much as possible, we support local beef farmers throughout KZN and, where possible, we use our own beef - raised on our own pastures on the Chestnuts.

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