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Know your cuts of pork - part 2

In part two of our 'Know Your Cuts' blog series we delve further into the variety of pork cuts available from Dargle Valley. This week we look at the ribs, the belly, the leg and pork rashers. 

Rack of ribs 

Michael Griffin's absolute favourite - our Dargle Valley spare ribs and mini spare ribs are a popular and delicious cut of meat. The meat in-between the bones is especially tender and when combined with our famous secret marinade there is nothing better to braai over hot coals. 

We make sure to cut through cross bones and the cartilage at the bottom of the rack of ribs so that you can simply slice through the individual ribs without any obstacles when serving them to hungry friends and family.


 A favourite amongst foodies and chefs- our Dargle Valley pork belly with crispy crackling needs very little explanation. We make sure to remove the bones and cartilage on the underside of the belly to make carving easier and we score the skin in straight lines as this makes it easy to cut when serving. 



Cut from the loin - (read part one) another new addition to the Dargle Valley family. Our popular, juicy pork rashers offer not only great taste, but serious value for money too. Their marbled structure means that the layers of fat in-between the tender meat will melt the pork rashers while they cook on the braai or under the grill.

For crispy outer skin make incisions with a sharp knife or scissors before grilling or braaing. Another great tip is to roll up the rashers and skewer them into pinwheels for a tasty starter that can be handed around.



A whole leg of pork is the most economical cut of pork as the cost per kilogram tends to be one of the lowest.

Our Dargle Valley leg roasts are deboned, trimmed and meticulously rolled leaving you with the perfect amount of skin to create the best, most crispy crackling. Marbled with the ideal amount of fat, once cooked, you are left with a tender and succulent leg roast. 


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